Mission Statement

It’s a fact that the majority of the population are running their Endocannabiniod System on Empty.

Our Bodies are Cannabiniod Deficient and in desperate need of a Cannabiniod Rich Diet. This would help to support our Endocannabiniod Systems and fill the deficit.

At CBD Bakes we recognise the massive importance of Naturally Occurring Cannabinoids and the Value they offer. 

We have therefore made it our mission to help everyone access & consume Naturally Occurring Cannabinoids and incorporate them into their everyday balanced diets.

That’s why we guarantee that All of CBD Bakes products contain Naturally Occurring Cannabinoids with all their known benefits.

But at CBD Bakes we take things a little further because we not only Guarantee you Cannabinoids but we Guarantee you amazing Taste as well.  

All of our products Taste Totally Amazing and they never leave behind any nasty strong hemp taste like other products on the market.

Our Naturally Occurring Cannabiniod Canna Butter also gives our customers the flexibility to easily incorporate 

Naturally Occurring Cannabinoids
into their diet by using it too;

 Cook, Bake, Baste, Spread, Rub, Dip, Drizzle, Fry, Sauté & Roast 


At CBD Bakes its our Mission to make consuming Natural Occurring Cannabinoids Easy, Tasty & Accessible for Everyone.

Join Us Today & Be

Cannabinoid Clever !!